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I regularly see blink praised as a particularly good defensive third-level spell because, unlike many spells with persistent effects, it does not require concentration. It does, however, state that "you can only affect and be affected by other creatures in the Material Plane."

I am uncertain about what exactly this means for concentration spells that are cast before the caster begins to blink. So here are some specific questions:

  • If I cast hold person and then blink, is the target still affected by hold person while I am on the Ethereal Plane? (I believe the answer is no.)
  • Targets can save from hold person at the end of their turn. If the answer to the previous question is no, can the target save while they're not technically affected by the spell? (I believe the answer is no, but this seems to be getting into weird territory, since they can only save when I fail to blink?)

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A spell, once cast, is unaffected by the target or caster moving to another plane

Player's Handbook p.203

Once a spell is cast, its effects aren’t limited by its range, unless the spell’s description says otherwise.

So long as you continue to concentrate, they will still be affected.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Hmm. But the spell's description does talk about the issue, and specifically says that you can't affect targets on the material plane. \$\endgroup\$ – Louis Wasserman Apr 13 at 1:46
  • 2
    \$\begingroup\$ Also by dropping concentration you would be affecting the creature on the Material Plane. \$\endgroup\$ – Alk Apr 13 at 1:58

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