So, from what I can find, most prestige classes have requirements for the usual base classes. Sorcerer, Monk, Rogue, etc..

But what if your base class is something unusual, say a Beguiler? Are there any SRD rules that would allow someone of a level 5 Beguiler to take a Prestige Class that Requires another Level 5 Base class?

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  • \$\begingroup\$ I was going off of Chet’s compiled list of Prestige Classes, and they list the PreReq’s as Specific Classes. Now I see I only need Arcane Caster 5, which I have. Thank you! \$\endgroup\$ – Donny M. Apr 22 '19 at 19:38
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Actually, prestige classes don't have fixed classes as prerequisites.

D&D 3rd edition intentionally designs prestige classes so that while they're generally geared toward a certain character class, they're not restricted to that class. This is why you get prerequisites like "Base attack bonus +5" rather than "Fighter level 5", so that for example a 7th level monk can also take this class.

The beguiler straight-up qualifies for any prestige class for which they meet the prerequisites. This includes things like being an arcane spellcaster, being able to cast spells of a given level, being able to cast any spells that are on the beguiler's spell list, and so on.

I'm unaware of any actual core prestige class which specifically requires you to be of a certain character class. Any homebrew classes which do this are poorly designed, and you should feel free to fix them to the more inclusive standards.

Now, where you may encounter some difficulty is with something very different like the binder (from Tome of Magic). Classes like these straight-up don't have spell slots, arcane casting, the ability to prepare spells, or the ability to cast spells, and unfortunately won't qualify for many prestige classes intended for spellcasters.

In that case, your DM can make allowances, but strictly speaking there's no rule in the core rulebooks or SRD which would allow you to take levels in a prestige class for which you do not meet the prerequisites.


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