I read this question about other PCs using pact weapons and realized that I'm not sure if the weapon would use the warlock's Charisma, or the other character's Strength/Dexterity for attack and damage rolls.

Now, the text of Hex Warrior says "when you attack with that weapon you can use your Charisma modifier..." Am I right in assuming that another character that uses the weapon (a barbarian, say) would use their ability scores, rather than the warlock's Charisma?

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You're right: only the Hexblade can benefit from their own Hex Warrior feature

It's simply stated in the text you quoted - when you attack with the affected weapon, you can use your charisma bonus. The Hex Warrior feature doesn't say anything about what happens when someone else uses a Hexblade's weapon, so the normal rules must apply and they would use their appropriate ability score as usual when making attacks with the weapon.


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