If my character has an artifact that gives them double-9s on Performance rolls, then uses Impassioned Orator Technique to grant himself double-9s from a Charm, what happens? Does that give their roll double-8s?


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The books don't say anything regarding two double# effects applying to the same roll. I would interpret this to mean that it does not stack, the better double# effect supersedes any lower ones.

My reasoning is that most rolls already benefit from Double 10s and all effects granting lower Double# effects don't knowledge the previous state of any of the rolls they are modifying.

If you look at the charm Leap From Cloaking Shadows on p.433 in the core book it treats the effects of Double 7s, 8s and 9s as completely distinct effects.

For example, a Strength 5 Tiger stylist made an unexpected attack against an enemy who withdrew on her last turn; she could double up to three 9s, three 8s, and three 7s.

See also Vindictive Concubine’s Pillow Book on p.459 where the results Doubled are lowered for each condition successful met instead of being phrased as if it were stacking.

I couldn't find a specific example but there is nothing saying that a "if already double 9s, double 8s instead" effect couldn't exist in the system.


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