I'm admittedly not sure if I've phrased this properly or not, but - you obviously get touchstones, where individual humans help serve as tethers to humanity for a kindred. Mechanically so too.

But I was also wondering - some Kindred (some Brujah especially) have been shown in canon to continue to have investments in human causes such as in relation to civil rights - to the extent that they're heavily involved in these causes and continue to help work for them and along with humans also working for them accordingly.

As such: can whole causes help tether a kindred to their humanity much like a touchstone does? Or do only specific actions/individual touchstones do that?


Not yet...but it's expected.

The rules in the Vampire 5E corebook presume that your touchstone is a mortal, but alternate paths of morality will be available in Cults of the Blood Gods, and among them are expected rules for using other things as touchstones.

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