I saw this build that had 1 sorc crossblooded orc draconic 19 wizard admixture. Is this build still doable as primary sorc? Can anyone tell me why people say to still go wizard? I'm not understanding.


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Because the Crossblooded archetype is BAD for primary sorcerers.

Sorcerers automatically get higher spell levels a level later than wizards do. This is a significant penalty, but it can be overcome. The crossblooded archetype causes a sorcerer to know one less spell of each spell level; since the first time you gain access to a new spell level you only know one spell of that level, crossblooded reduces you to knowing zero spells of that level. This effectively puts you at getting spells two levels later than a wizard would, which means you are always using spells that are a spell level lower than a wizard could use.

The build you're talking about is one level behind a single-classes wizard (since it has a one-level dip in sorcerer), but that's basically the same as being a regular sorcerer. It has the strong blaster benefits of being a crossblooded orc/draconic sorcerer without crossblooded's usual spell level penalty.


  • full wizard = baseline
  • normal sorcerer = full wizard - 1
  • wizard with 1 level dip = full wizard - 1
  • crossblooded sorcerer = full wizard - 2
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    \$\begingroup\$ It's worth noting that this doesn't prevent it from being 'doable', it is just a penalty that should be known. What is often overlooked is the limited spell list that a blaster actually cares about (you're already specializing, so spells beyond your core damage spells and survival spells are fluff). \$\endgroup\$ – Ifusaso May 6 at 3:10

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