The Antilife Shell spell states:

An affected creature can cast spells or make attacks with ranged or reach weapons through the barrier.

This suggests that a human could attack with a glaive, since the weapon can reach the full 10 feet through the shell and strike the caster.

Does this include monsters whose natural weapons have a reach of 10 feet or greater? For example, a dragon's tail attack which has a 15-foot reach or a T-Rex's bite which has a 10-foot reach.


The description of Antilife Shell describes that

The barrier prevents an affected creature from passing or reaching through.

The part about "reaching through" seems applicable here: the intent is clearly that no part of the creature's body can make it through the barrier. Natural weapons are by definition part of a creature's body, and can therefore not reach through to attack targets within an antilife shell. (Ranged natural weapons, such as a manticore's tail spikes, are no longer attached to the body and should go through.)

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    \$\begingroup\$ Where do manticore tail spikes come in on this? They are a natural weapon technically. Also, I'm not sure there is a manufactured melee weapon with enough reach to hit a target inside on an antilife shell. \$\endgroup\$ – Allan Mills May 14 '19 at 22:42

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