Can a Vampire Soul be trapped in a Magic Jar-type spell, and what happens if it's released?

I'm going through this right now in my current adventure. One of my PCs got an amulet that acts as a magic jar. They used it to trap a Vampire. I thought about it and let them do it.

If the Jar is broken and the spirit is released, will it return to its old body and still be a Vampire? Or will it have its old "good" soul again?

A follow up: If the trapped body was destroyed but the spirit found a new "vessel", would that be a vampire as well?


The vampire will probably die and his soul be released

Unless the vampire's old body is within the spell range of the amulet, the vampire will die, his soul be released to the afterlife and he can be resurrected, reincarnated, or eventually transcend to one of the metaplanes.

Range: 1"/level

If the body of the spell caster is destroyed, the life force in the magic jar is not harmed. If the magic jar is destroyed, the life force is snuffed out. Returning to the real body requires 1 round, and can only be done from a magic jar in spell range of the body.

There is nothing in the spell that says the trapped life force may attempt to possess a new vessel, so that is up to the GM to decide.


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