I want to figure out what is the better option, straight up damage or a chance to deflect in a game.

I have two options, the first is to equip another dagger for 10% more damage. However, this characters I am using gets a 4x bonus to attack as it is compared to others, so I am not sure if that factors in. (So damage*4*1.10 pretty much)

The other is to equip a shield that has a 15% chance to deflect. The amount deflected is between 20%-50% when deflect occurs.

If I fought an exact replica, let's say the same character, one with the extra dagger, and the other with the shield, is there a way to determine what is the better one to use? If I had to put numbers, let's say we have 2000 hit points, and 500 damage per attack with just the 4x bonus.. In terms of 'average' since I know deflect is really % based for both the chance to deflect and the amount.


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