I'm playing Pathfinder with a Dex-based warrior. My basic strategy is to use power attack mythic in my attacks to deal lots of damage per hit and try to attack as much as I can.

In certain situations, my friend uses mythic haste on me, which gives me a bonus move action. Since I have the most HP in the group (tanker by lack of options) my basic strategy is to stay close to the enemies, which usually makes the additional movement action a waste.

To be precise I'm a hybrid fighter-slayer; until now I've been using Fleet Charge to attack (and approach if needed), Amazing Initiative to another attack and a full attack (BAB +10(haste)/+10/+5). Sometimes it can be a waste to have another move action. Gladly, with Keen Edge active, sometimes I don't need to use all the attacks.

Is there a way to use my move action to attack?


I know this post is ancient, but, for completeness sake there is one way to attack as a move action, if you're a magus/arcanist/warpriest: The Signifier's Fist . This light mace allows you to spend an arcane pool / arcane reservoir / use of fervor to make an attack with it as a move action. It also does some stuff on that attack, since it's supposed to be a special attack, but if you want to attack as a move action, it's the only way.


No, you cannot use your Move action to attack.

There is no ability, even in Mythic rules, to perform an attack action by spending a move action.

There is generally a hierarchy of power in actions

  • Full Actions should be the "most powerful" and consume a Standard and Move action (usually your only Standard and Move, unless you are granted bonus actions); note that this does not mean that a Standard and a Move "equal" a Full Action, only that using a Full Action means you have neither your Standard nor Move action afterward
  • Standard actions tend to be abilities that alter the play field such as by damaging enemies, but are less than Full Actions. Alternatively, you can choose to do anything a Move action can do as a Standard action
  • Swift/Immediate actions are an assortment of abilities that can be similar to a Standard or Move action, but don't take up that action; a Mythic ability might allow you to expend a Swift action to make an attack, or Swashbucklers get numerous ways to use Swift actions, from standing up to counter-attacking. You cannot choose to do Swift actions as other action types unless you have a specific ability to do so.
  • Move actions tend to assist you in some way, rather than hamper enemies (such as putting you into position to attack something or standing back up)
  • Free actions tend to be a grab-bag of not changing much

There are a plethora of abilities that alter the action cost of... actions. For instance, Quick Draw turns your Move action/"part of a Move action" weapon draw into a Free action. However, I have not been able to find any ability that allows you to "upgrade" your Move action(s) into Standard actions, nor perform an attack as a Move action.


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