Since the casting time of Danse Macabre is more favourable to a higher level Necromancer, it would be more efficient to raise undead with Dance Macabre and then maintain them with Animate Dead. Is this rules-legal?

Danse Macabre is a 5th-level spell with casting time of 1 action; raises undead (Up to 5 Zombies or Skeletons).

Animate Dead is a 3rd-level spell with casting time of 1 minute; maintains raised undead (Raise 1 Zombie or Skeleton, or maintain up to 4 Zombies or Skeletons for 24 hours).


No, you cannot use animate dead this way

In the spell description for animate dead (PHB 213, emphasis mine), we read that:

This use of the spell reasserts your control over up to four creatures you have animated with this spell

Thus it cannot be used to maintain control on undead created by other spells.


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