Who are the characters depicted in the cover of Dragon Heist?

enter image description here

I've just started DMing this, and I'm reading through the 1st chapter, but I don't recognize the characters here. The beholder in the background looks like Xanathar. None look like Volo or his missing cousin Floon.


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These are the characters described in "Choose Your Villain(s)," in the introduction:

  • The beholder looming behind is The Xanathar,
  • the eyepatch- and large hat-wearing drow is Jarlaxle Baenre,
  • the human couple are Victorio and Ammalia Cassalanter, and
  • the hooded figure is one of Manshoon's clones.

And piled around them are pictured, of course, the eponymous Dragons.

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The dark elf with the eyepatch and the fancy hat is Jarlaxle, a character from the Drizzt series.

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