Do ability-boosting items or spells count for meeting feat prerequisites? I always reckoned that they do not. But now I wonder.

For example, the text for Gloves of Dexterity is

They add to the wearer's Dexterity score in the form of an enhancement bonus

So it comes down to the question: does a bonus become part of the score itself? This seems logical in the case of an inherent bonus. The inherent bonus is just a means of keeping track of permanent magical boosting e.g. via wish spells. This kind of boost is limited to 5 points. As a DM I would judge that boosting an ability score via wish spells does count for meeting prerequisites for feats. But, if so: What is the difference to an enhancement bonus?

Ok, it may not be permanent. But there are rules what happens if you no longer meet prerequisites: the feat ceases functioning until you meet the prerequisites again.

This kind of ruling would even mean you could cast a boost spell before leveling up to meet prerequisites, take a feat and this feat only works while you have enough active boosts.

So my question: Do ability boosting items or spells count for meeting prerequisites for feats?

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Yes, you could take the feat, but you would lose the use of the feat if, for whatever reason, you lose the bonus from the item.

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