While we have a question for melee attacks, ranged attacks always seem to get left out.

What is the maximum damage that can be done in a single ranged attack?

  • Any official character options as permitted.
  • Only official rules should be considered.
  • Multiclassing and feats are permitted.
  • Magic items from any official source (including adventure modules) are permitted.
    • Additionally, temporary effects from the same sources are permitted.
  • Characters can be of any level and are permitted to possess epic boons.
  • You are permitted as much setup as required and can assume ideal conditions.
    • This includes things like surprise, target, and location.
  • Other characters can assist in the setup, but only one character can be involved in the attack.
  • Do not include "Unearthed Arcana".
  • Whatever you chose, it must be one ranged attack (i.e. you only perform one attack roll, unless a feature with multiple attack rolls is specifically referred to as one attack).
  • Only count damage that is caused by the single attack and occurs in the same round as the attack.
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1296 points of damage

The following setup is used

  • Trebuchet 8d10 damage (yes, this counts as ranged weapon, and takes 4 Actions to load and aim, but we're allowed to do this; not sure if you can load something more nasty into a barrel to launch it at the enemy)

    DMG, p. 256 (emphasis mine)

    Trebuchet Stone. Ranged Weapon Attack: +5 to hit.

  • DEX 20 + 5 x Manual of Quickness of Action (= DEX 30 [+10])

  • Commander's Strike by a Battlemaster with a d12 maneuver die
  • Sharpshooter +10 damage
  • Sneak attack (Rogue level 19+): +10d6 damage
  • Crit for doubling the damage dice (Assassinate helps with this)
  • doubled damage on a failed DC 24 CON save (Death Strike by Rogue's Assassin archetype) (Use Boon of Fate (DMG) and Bane (PHB spell) to decrease the target's chances of failing the saving throw)
  • Contagion (Flesh Rot) (PHB spell) for vulnerability to damage for the target doubling the damage again

$$ 4 \cdot (2 \cdot (8\cdot 10 + 10\cdot 6 + 1 \cdot 12) + 10 + 10) = 1296 $$

The only question here is, if loading and aiming the trebuchet can be done before combat starts. If not, you can still do half this damage ("just" 648 damage)

Using a non magical weapon that is not a siege weapon (heavy crossbow) decreases the max damage by \$7 \cdot 8 \cdot 10 = 560\$. That's still 736 damage without using magical weapons. (Multiply the flat damage dealt by the magic properties by 4 and the damage max damage on the damage dice by 8 to get the effect of a magic weapons/ammunition). In this case you can be sure Assassinate and Death Strike are applicable.


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