If you were to craft potions of crafter's fortune, could you stack the effect by drinking multiple potions to get a +10 or +15 or your next Craft check?

The description of crafter's fortune states that the duration is 1 day per level or until discharged; it doesn't specifically state that they can't be stacked. I personally feel that this would be possible because it takes 1 round to drink a potion, so it would be 18 seconds to drink 3 potions and then you craft your item.

For background, I am a mutated monkey into a vanaran with a high Intelligence and a custom feat to increase the number of potions I brew at one time by my Intelligence modifier. I also have plans for economic domination using my potions.

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You can't stack crafter's fortune.

The spell description for crafter's fortune states:

The target ... gains a +5 luck bonus on its next Craft skill check.

Luck is a type of bonus. According to the rules on bonus types,

Most bonuses have a type, and as a general rule, bonuses of the same type are not cumulative (do not “stack”)—only the greater bonus granted applies.

Since each casting of the spell (or draught of potion) is applying a luck bonus, the bonuses do not stack with each other. You only get a +5 bonus to your Craft check.


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