Does the feat Fire God's Blessing provide magical healing or mundane healing? I can't find any references as to which kind of healing this is.

When in combat, if you deal fire damage to an enemy, you heal 1 hit point. You can only benefit from this healing once per round. Attacks that cause a target to catch on fire heal you each round the target takes fire damage.


It is an example of magical healing.

According to the Pathfinder SRD on Archives of Nethys, natural healing1 is

With a full night’s rest (8 hours of sleep or more), you recover 1 hit point per character level. Any significant interruption during your rest prevents you from healing that night.

and magical healing is

Various abilities and spells can restore hit points.

It is clear that this is healing not granted by a rest and falls under the magical healing umbrella.

1 The wiki seems to be formatted incorrectly, as Natural Healing is part of the first paragraph in the block there.

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