Paladin, Mounted Combatant feat, Great axe, riding a Warhorse.

I'd like to ride 30ft to the mob, bash him with my axe, have the steed disengage, and ride 30ft back.

Can I do this?

Jeremy seems to be confusing me. :)

Spell text: "Your steed serves you as a mount, both in combat and out, and you have an instinctive bond with it that allows you to fight as a seamless unit."

A seamless unit, eh? Sounds good so far....

Mounted Combat in PHB: "The initiative of a controlled mount changes to match yours when you mount it. It moves as you direct it"

OK, so it has the same initiative score as me, this isn't looking good...

Jeremy Tweet from 2017: "A rider and a controlled mount have separate turns, but they have the same initiative, which means you decide which one goes first."

SEPARATE TURNS. So much for a seamless fighting unit. Can't ride up, bash, disengage, and ride away.

Dragon Talk with Jeremy Crawford from 2018: "If you control the mount, the creatures initiative changes to your initiative. You're now acting as a unit. It still has a turn, but it's turn OVERLAPS with yours, it gets its move, its moving on YOUR turn, so then far easier for your character to co-ordinate with the mount, and it's actions are limited to dodge/dash/disengage. It won't attack. The fact that it can disengage means it can move without opportunity attacks, and the beauty of it acting on your turn, with its turn overlapping with yours, is that also your movement is still free and your actions are still available. So it's a movement and action extension for the rider. A really powerful advantage. Even though it gives up ability to attack, you gain all this on your turn all this potential movement, and a free dodge/dash/disengage, and a dash means even more movement."

This contradicts his earlier tweet, and goes further than the PHB.

What's the actual facts?

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