The Gray and Death Slaadi from the Monster Manual have the Magic Weapons trait:

The slaad's weapon attacks are magical.

And they have a Multiattack action:

The slaad makes three attacks: one with its bite and two with its claws or greatsword.

Are the Bite and/or Claws attacks magical? Are they considered to be weapon attacks?


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Yes, its Bite and Claw attacks are magical weapon attacks.

Usually a monster's claws, bites, and other attack actions are listed as weapon attacks. In the stat blocks for Death Slaad and Gray Slaad, these actions are written as:

Bite (Slaad Form Only). Melee Weapon Attack...

Claws (Slaad Form Only). Melee Weapon Attack...

Since the bite and claws are weapon attacks, they therefore benefit from the Magic Weapons feature.

Magic Weapons. The slaad’s weapon attacks are magical.


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