Decrepitude and warping eventually get every magus. In the section about longevity rituals there is a statement regarding the upper bound:

Magi of two hundred years or older are rare, but not unheard of.

How long should a magus be expected to live? What is the median age of death for magi?


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Magi should plan to live to 100, suspect they might get to 125, and could specialize and live to 200; although not without significant favor from the SG. Plus or minus how the saga is played; as many saga will end before 50+ years pass. There is no RAW answer for this in the 5e rules. Very senior magi in the descriptions seem to be 120+ years old. Player magi might be lucky to live past 50.

Sub Rosa (a fan mag for Ars Magica) issue #14 has an article called "Demography of the Order of Hermes" by Mark Shirley which may be useful in answering this question statistically.


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