Is there anything within lore, that might suggest as to whether different Garou groups who have them, would be alright with homid kinsfolk leaving them to try join the Second Inquisition/FIRSTLIGHT?

With how they culturally dislike vampires and view them as "Wyrm Creatures", as well as how being part of the supernatural world means they might hear of the formation of the Inquisition, it seems like some might at least want to try - in absence of being able to take other active roles that Garou relatives can, in combatting the wyrm.

The aforementioned Garou relatives, also feeling like they could potentially serve as a "consequence"/additional danger in the world: Persistent FIRSTLIGHT solider is killed. Good. That threat is over. But now you have angry garou relative/s who are now about, wanting revenge.

But, is there anything in lore about whether the tribes would actually allow or be okay with in-the-know Kinsfolk doing this?

(Not necessarily specifically lore talking about this specific situation - but at least on something in lore that's similar/related that could help come to a conclusion on this: like on kinsfolk leaving and what's expected/permitted of them in tribes)

Or if they could or would object, for reasons such as this perhaps entailing them leaving behind the tribe itself and any duties they might expect of them there, or worries about them talking or being found out.

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