Does the armor created by the Aegis ability Astral Suits have weight that contributes to encumbrance, along with armor check penalties and speed penalties, like normal armor?


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It seems that an astral suit that's like armor is identical to that armor in all ways—armor check penalty, speed reduction, weight, and more

On Astral Suits on Astral Suit Types on Astral Armor, in part, says

When formed into astral armor, an astral suit resembles masterwork chainmail and is treated as such for all mechanical purposes.

And Astral Juggernaut, in part, says

When formed into astral juggernaut, an astral suit resembles masterwork half-plate and is treated as such for all mechanical purposes.

The phrase all mechanical purposes strongly implies to this reader that these astral suits are just like the armors they emulate, including the emulated armor's weight, armor check penalty, speed reduction, and arcane spell failure chance.

The only additional indicator that I can find that backs up this reading is the 1-point Customization Flexible Suit that says

The aegis’s armor check penalty is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0). The aegis may also sleep in his astral suit without becoming fatigued, if he was not already able to do so (such as if in astral skin form).

On Armor Check Penalty, in part, says

A character who sleeps in medium or heavy armor is automatically fatigued the next day.

This customization again strong implies that the astral armor and astral juggernaut effects are just like the armors they emulate unless exceptions are made, even down to details that some folks might otherwise overlook.

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