Certain powers cause damage without specifying any conditions about how that damage is dealt. Consider, for example, the following Barbarian Rage Daily Powers:

Earthquake Dragon's Rage
Effect: whenever an enemy hits you, you deal thunder damage equal to your strength modifier to each creature within 5 squares of you.


Desert Wind Rage
Effect: at the start of each of your turns, you deal 5 + your strength modifier fire >damage to each enemy within 5 squares of you.

Does the Raging Barbarian need line of sight or line of effect to a target to deal damage to it? For example, if an enemy is on the other side of a wall but within 5 squares, do they take the damage?


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Yes, you still need Line of Effect.

The damage dealt by these Rage effects may not be a close burst attack (or any other type of attack for that matter) but you still require Line of Effect.

Rules Compendium p.107:

Line of Effect: Unless otherwise noted, there must be a line of effect from the origin square of an effect and its intended target for that target to be affected.

Note that the rules mention effects and not merely attacks.


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