In Dungeons And Dragons Adventurer's League Season 8 instead of Gold you get Treasure Checkpoints (TCP). During some sessions the DM has announced we've unlocked a particular item.

I then also understand that TCP can only be used on items from, or below, the tier you earned the points.

For example TCP earned in Tier 2 can be used on Tier 2 and Tier 1 eligible items, but not Tier 3 items. Thus as I just hit level 5 I should use my TCP for something.

My question is are the items that were unlocked during play the only things I can use it on? If not, where do I find a complete list of tier 1 items to spend the TCP on?


Your tier 1 Treasure Checkpoints can be used in the following ways:

  • As you state, they can be used to purchase magic items from tables A, B, C and F that you have unlocked during play.
  • They can be used to purchase tier 1 magic items from the "evergreen" unlock list, which can be found in the Adventurers League Content Catalog v8.09 (ALCC), p. 4.
  • Until season 8 ends, they can be used to purchase tier 1 magic items from the season 8 unlock list, found in ALCC p. 52.
  • They can be converted to gold at a rate of 50 gp per 1 TCP, as stated in ALCC p. 4

The ALCC, along with other Adventurers League documents, can be found here.


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