The Fascinate status effect says that it prevents a creature from using actions with the Concentrate trait. Casting a spell with a verbal component is included here, which seems to be the most common action a creature might use in combat, so at first glance it seems like Fascinate is primarily useful for disabling spellcasters.

I want to know if it has any other common combat uses apart from disabling spellcasters. It's rather difficult to catalogue all the other actions with the Concentrate trait, however. From a cursory glance, the Barbarian's Rage action, as well as the Command an Animal actions both have the concentrate trait.

Are there any other common actions that non-spellcasters might use in combat, which have the Concentrate trait?


Yes, there is a few more

Other than actions related to casting spells and rituals, here are a few more that require the concentrate trait:

On top of that, a few skill uses also have the concentrate trait, but those worth noting here are:

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