What different options are available (in the published materials of D&D 5e: rulebooks, UA, etc) for a Non-paladin to access Paladin-specific spells?


  • Only spells that are unique to the Paladin spell list (i.e. only spells that are not freely available on another class' spell list)
  • Features that grant access to One Specific, Any, or All spells from the Paladin list
    • Example: Divine Soul lets Sorcerers choose spells from the Cleric spell list
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The following is a list of the ways I could find

The Bard's Magical Secrets feature allows them to gain spells from any class' spell list so this would work. At 10th level, when they gain this feature, they can already cast 5th level spells so they could select any and all Paladin spells.

You can also use a Ring of Spell Storing to allow anybody to cast any Paladin spell. This would work because the ring can store up to a fifth level spell which is the highest level spell Paladins acquire.

The wish spell can be used to duplicate any spell of 8th level or lower, which would include all Paladin spells.

There are a number of monsters that know (or can cast) Paladin exclusive spells, theoretically befriending or resurrecting one of these monsters gives you access to these spells. As user @NathanS points out, we could also true polymorph into one of these monsters to gain the use of their spells.

There are a number of Paladin exclusive spells (note that I will not list spells that only an older version of a class or subclass got, such as something only the UA Artificer got that the final one did not):

  • Banishing smite:

    A Hexblade Warlock and the Battle Smith Artificer.

  • Crusader's mantle:

    The War Cleric and the Solidairty cleric from Plane Shift: Amonkhet. Also the Lost Sword item from Curse of Strahd.

  • Find greater steed:

    There is no way to get this spell besides the methods (or similar ones) listed at the top.

  • Find steed:

    There is no way to get this spell besides the methods (or similar ones) listed at the top.


To some extent

If you mean being able to cast all paladin spells inherently then there isn't really a way.

Bards get an ability called magical secrets which lets them acquire spells from other classes. They could obtain some paladin spells this way.

If you have a paladin in your party and a ring of spell storing (or equivalent) then you could have the paladin cast their spells into the ring for you to cast.

For spells that are available on other class spell lists you could use the above methods or take class levels in the classes that gains access to those spells. I don't consider that to be much of a solution as, by the same logic, you could just take levels in Paladin to achieve the same effect.

Some magical items can give you access to certain spells on the paladin list. eg. a Necklace of Prayer Beads.

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