If a character casts summon monster and summons the monster immediately next to another creature, does that creature get an attack of opportunity?

The spell states “It appears where you designate and acts immediately, on your turn.”, but does the appearance count as a movement by the summon (à la teleport), which would then grant an attack of opportunity?


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No attack of opportunity is granted.

According to the Pathfinder's RSD attacks of opportunity are triggered only by:

  • moving out of a square in the threatened area of a hostile creature. Exceptions are: the 5-ft. step, the withdraw action, and teleportation (but not necessarily casting a teleport spell).
  • performing a distracting act while in a square in the threatened area of a hostile creature. This usually include:
    • attacking with a ranged weapon,
    • attacking unarmed,
    • delivering a coup de grace,
    • performing a combat maneuver,
    • casting a spell,
    • using a touch spell (if the spell is harmful you are considered armed; you don't draw AoO from the target, but sill draw from other enemies)
    • activating a spell-like ability,
    • activating a spell-completion magic item,
    • drinking a potion or applying an oil,
    • loading a crossbow,
    • moving heavy objects around,
    • picking up objects,
    • sheathing a weapon,
    • retrieving a stored item,
    • standing up from prone,
    • escaping from a net,
    • locking or unlocking a weapon to a gauntlet,
    • preparing to throw a splash weapon,
    • running,
    • using many skills.

Appearing into a square because of a summoning spell seems to not fall in these two categories.

However, appearing in the middle of a fight may or may not be considered a distracting act, according to how your group interpret Summoning effects.


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