I understand that when you are creating your character in Adventurers League (AL) that you may only use options from the Player's Handbook and one other book (PHB+1). If I use Xanathar's Guide to Everything (XGtE) as my +1, is there any way for me to learn a cantrip from the Sword Coast Adventurer Guide (SCAG)?

Do any of these options (or something I missed) work in AL?

  • Leveling up and being allowed to choose a new cantrip

  • Taking a feat, such as Magic Initiate (PHB p 168) or Spell Sniper (PHB p 170)

  • Being a Pact of the Tome Warlock (PHB 108) where you can choose cantrips from other classes

While I think I am out of luck (the rule below seems to deny the options above), I am hoping that maybe there is some rule or FAQ answer that I have overlooked along the lines of this (for wizard spells or rituals):

Which Spells Can I Learn?

Spells are a class option; any new spells learned by advancing in a class or by feats are subject to PHB+1. Characters that prepare spells from a spellbook may copy spells even if those spells aren’t normally found in your character’s PHB+1.

I don't think the answer will depend on what class we are talking about (since cantrips aren't prepared from a spellbook), but I was specifically thinking about my warlock. However, I am still very interested to learn whether any class can manage this.


Not in DDAL play.

Characters can only pick character advancement options from PHB+1.

Spells in general.

Only Wizards, characters with the Ritual Caster feat, and Warlocks with the Book of Ancient Secrets invocation can learn spells via a method that is not character advancement. Once you have the appropriate feature, it is no longer a matter of character advancement, just time and money.

Ritual Caster is a bit of a grey area, as the DDAL rule specifies feats. The initial choices certainly have to be from the PHB+1 (because they're granted by the feat directly and the feat is acquired via character advancement), but the ability to add more is not so directly coupled to character advancement.

Cantrips, specifically.

As cantrips are not spells that can ever be written in a book, only learned through character advancement, cantrips are also outside of PHB+1.

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