Does a Psychic with the Improved Eldritch Heritage feat for the Psychic Bloodline get any benefit from Undercasting Prodigy?

Undercasting Prodigy says:

Starting at 9th level, whenever you gain a new level of spells, you automatically replace any psychic bloodline spells that can be undercast with the highest-level version you can cast in your list of spells known. For example, at 9th level, you would replace mind thrust I, id insinuation I, and ego whip I with mind thrust IV, id insinuation III, and ego whip II, respectively, as spells known.

If a psychic knows the bloodline spells from choosing them as a psychic and not from the bloodline, can they still replace lower level spells with higher level spells when able?


No, because the Bloodline spells are a specific class feature of a sorcerer class. The spells in your psychic spells known list are not bloodline spells even if they appear on that list.

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