The system for The Expanse is the AGE system, so I'm hoping someone with another game which uses AGE can answer this. Neither The Expanse core rules nor the Blue Rose RPG have any rules about it!

In all the lists of stunts, the first few have the label (Core) written before their name. For instance the first five of the General Combat Stunts are:

  • (Core) Adrenaline Rush
  • (Core) Momentum
  • (Core) Duck and Weave
  • Take Cover
  • Guardian Angel

What does Core mean? Does it have a game mechanic effect which applies to using or choosing those particular stunts?


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Core stunts are simply the suggested stunts for each list. The tag has no mechanical effect. This blog post on the publisher's site clarifies that.

Every stunt list has labeled Core Stunts. These have low or variable costs, and are generally useful, so when you can’t decide on your stunts, these are your picks.


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