In Pathfinder 2e, an adventurer goes up a level by earning 1000 XP.

If it always takes 1000 XP and adventurers are facing greater foes (who I presume are for more XP), then does it follow that going up levels takes less time the higher the level?


XP awards are relative

Sadly, this is not explicitly stated in the text, we only get that:

the XP earned is based on the level of the challenge the party overcame. (Core 507)

But on the next page we can see "Table 10-8:XP Awards", which clearly demonstrates that "level of the challange", above, is meant relatively, with rows like:

Adversary Level / XP award

Party level - 4 / 10 XP

Party level - 3 / 15 XP

and so on. Thus the rate of advancement is steady, barring other factors.


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