Inspired by this question and this one, I want to know if you can cast Simulacrum and have that simulacrum cast Wish for you so that you yourself never have to take that 33% risk of not being able to cast it again. This question seems to support that a simulacrum is capable of casting Wish and it is a copy of the caster but at it a separate and distinct entity from the caster. So RAW can you use Simulacrum to get essentially infinite risk free wishes?


RAW rules would consider the simulacrum as a separate entity, so I'd say it would work.

Adventurers League says in this FAQ (3/24/17):

If a simulacrum you have created casts wish, both you and your simulacrum suffer the stress associated with casting the spell—including the risk of being forever unable to cast wish again. The inability to cast wish extends to any simulacrum you create in the future.

Personally I'd houserule it to be similar to AL ruling, to prevent abuses. But if a DM is fine with this "trick" being pulled off, he might let it happen.


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