As an exercise, I'm trying to adapt spells from GURPS Magic (I only have the Brazilian Portuguese version and I don't have any idea of which edition it is, but it seems to be an old one) to Dark Ages: Mage. There is a spell named Calming Animals. The description is something like that:

Allows the operator to calm a single animal. The animal's Reaction check against the operator will receive a bonus equal to twice the energy applied to the spell.

Ignoring the general rules from GURPS Magic, I wonder if those Pillar ranks would match such effect:

  • Ubbadan: Al-Fatihah・・
  • Archangels: Repha-El・・・
  • Seasons: Autumn・・
  • Forma: Corona・・・
  • Totems: Chieftain・・・
  • Runes: Forlog・・

I'm looking for answers that might confirm that this build is correct or, if it's not the case, what would be the correct build and the logic applied.


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