I'm interested in ways to become permanently immune to the frightened condition. I hope this is considered a bounded list question and therefore on-topic.

I've so far only considered race- or class-features, feats, or magic items; I don't think there's anything else that's relevant, but if there's something else I've overlooked, ask me in the comments.

What I'm not looking for

  • Unearthed Arcana content is acceptable, but homebrew is not, and nor is third party material (the Expanded Racial Feats gets a free pass though, because I didn't know that it was third party at the time - I've asked about that separately here);
  • Immunity only to specific creatures such as per protection from evil and good, since I'm specifically interested in blanket immunity;
  • Anything that involves polymorphing into something else;
  • Temporary effects or spells (such as Mindless Rage, the level 6 Berserker Barbarian feature, which is only active while raging, or protection from evil and good);

To clarify, by temporary, I mean something that isn't passively indefinite. For example, a level 20 Berserker would still need to activate the rage continuously, and a spell would need to be recast continuously, whereas what I've listed below is "always on". If there were a spell that, once cast, lasted forever (excluding being dispelled; e.g. continual flame), that would be OK (I don't mind a one-time activation); this counts for magic items that need to be activated too.

What I've found already

These are the ways that I'm already aware of after looking into it myself:

  • Aura of Courage (level 10 Paladin, any archetype);
  • Raven's Shield (level 10 Warlock, Raven Queen archetype from this UA);
  • Touch of Sess'inek (Lizardfolk-specific feat from the Expanded Racial Feats);
  • These magic items (at time of writing, this D&DBeyond search lists 4 items, although the Banner of Krig Rune only lasts for 10 minutes, so is temporary and therefore doesn't count - thanks to @Medix2 for pointing that out);

Are there any I've missed?

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  • Artifacts can have this as a random minor beneficial property:

    While attuned to the artifact, you can’t be charmed or frightened.

  • Blackrazor which does not appear on your D&D Beyond Search

  • Fungal Body (level 14 Druid, Circle of Spores archetype)

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