The first story of Rough Nights & Hard Days has the protagonist Baron Eberhardt von Dammenblatz of Wissenberg.

The fourth book's cover blurb mentions Baron Otto von Dammenblatz from White Dwarf #94 (Nov. 1987), the first iteration of this story.

I tried to find other occurrences of the Eberhardt name but even this extensive character list mentions only Baron von Dammenblatz, and this is too vague to be useful.

  • Are Baron Otto and Baron Eberhardt different people? Or was one of the names officially changed to the other?
  • White Dwarf #94 says that Baron Otto von Dammenblatz is from Wissenburg and not Wissenberg. Are these (or should they be) the same place?

Official word on this matter is preferred.


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These two Barons von Dammenblatz are the same person and the correct name is Baron Eberhardt von Dammenblatz.

I ask Cubicle7 by Email and here is the answer :

Actually, the flaw is in the original from WD 94. The first mention of von Dammenblatz calls him Otto, and on the very next page his name is changed to Eberhardt. All these years and no one caught that. The error is perpetuated in Plundered Vaults, and finally corrected in RN&HD.

And about Wissenburg and Wissenberg:

The spelling of Wissenburg/Wissenberg is one of many instances of names and locations changing in various iterations of the Old World. The best known are the various locations of Delberz and the spelling of Immelscheld/Immelscheid, both of which I intended to address in the Director's Cut.

Anyhow, this one can easily be but down to scribal error on the part of some cartographer's apprentice charged with lettering the map. The Old World is a pre-literate society on the whole, and spelling is various, as it was in the real Middle Ages and Renaissance."

I also found this:

  • burg = castle
  • berg = mountain

Both words are derived from bergen which means something like to be in a safe position. Way back when, a human fortress and natural defences like mountains both offer high ground (advantageous attack and vantage point) and thus relative safety.

Sources: Are these two Barrons von Dammenblatz the same person ? asked to cubicle7 by email

Are these two Barrons von Dammenblatz the same person ? Answer from cubicle7 by email


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