These are bug-people, who can wield normally-sized weapons (they have 2 sets of small hands). They are typically about 9 feet in height. Should I, and would it be a wise choice to, classify them as a large race?


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WotC didn't, so you shouldn't either.

There are currently no WOTC-produced player character races that are Large. I could speculate as to the reasons, but I have no designer-quote evidence to support it.

One answer to Are there any rules or guidelines for large character races? does bring up some good points, however.

What WotC did instead.

Player character races that are significantly larger than human size (bugbear and goliath immediately come to mind) have a trait that allows them to count as Large, but only for the purposes of lifting, carrying, and pushing - Powerful Build.

Even the centaur, a traditionally horse-sized creature (definitely Large) is medium size in the player character version. They too have a similar trait for carrying capacity, though their version includes a drawback to and so has a different name (Equine Build).


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