One of my players on Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play create an Engineer. He get an engineering book (trapping) and ask me if there is any utility for this item (role-play aside).

I didn't find information about that. The rule-book is big so maybe I missed the relevant part. When I asked my friends they weren't able to know if there is any rules about that.

  • Maybe it behave like wizard's books?
  • If the character didn't spend xp on specific recipe, did he have to use his engineering book?
  • Maybe it lower the difficulty for crafting tools or weapons?

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There is no game-mechanic that uses the book in RAW in 4e; its fluff. As a suggestion, it might equate to a "Between Adventures" Invent! Endeavour (p.199), or allow a Crafting Endeavour (p.197), but that's my suggestion, not the rules.


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