There is a lot of information missing from the second bullet point of the Shape Water spell that it seems to me is essential to running the spell as a DM, and consequently essential to understanding how the spell will work as a player. Is there any information, e.g. rules text, in any 1st-party source beyond that found in the spell's entry itself that would help clarify what such effects are capable of doing? If so, where is it? I'm looking for text that applies to Shape Water and/or spells with similar effects specifically, not text that talks about rules that apply to all spells. For example, rules about whether or not you need line of effect to an ongoing spell after it is cast would be helpful (not all spells have ongoing effects after they are cast), but rules about needing line of effect to cast a spell wouldn't be (that's true for all spells).

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The guiding principal that will help you is "the spell only does what it says".

  1. You do not need line of effect
  2. The water is still water.
  3. You can pick one of the following effects (no more than 2 active at once time):
    • You can move the water 5ft in any direction at a speed that doesn't hurt.
    • You can shape and animate the water. This effect lasts for 1 hour.
    • You can change the color/opacity of the water. This effect lasts for 1 hour.
    • You can freeze the water. This effect lasts for 1 hour.

You cannot, for example, have the water travel 2.5 miles, do chores for you, then return. That is a clearly not allowed by the rules.

If you have any specific situations or questions, go ahead. Just remember that it is still water, and that the spell doesn't allow you to do things that are in direct contradiction to what it states.

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