I want answers related to any published Dungeons & Dragons materials from any edition, as well as any licensed novelizations.

For the one-off tarrasque fight I'm running, my players are looking for corny options, and have been discussing casting tongues on it. The 5e Monster Manual entry for it leaves it as a mystery, but if they decide to talk to it, I want to have an idea of how it's personality has been portrayed before, since I only know about the tarrasque through memes.

One of the players asked if the tarrasque can feel love, so bonus points if you can find that.

TAG NOTE: I have tagged this is as because I want answers from any edition (even if they conflict), even though this is for a game.


According to Monster Manual 4th Edition, there is but a single Tarrasque slumbering in the center of the Prime Material's core. This would imply that the Tarrasque would have difficulty conceiving an Other, let alone experiencing love.

Source: Monster Manual 4th edition. (Wizards of the Coast), p. 13. ISBN 978-0-7869-4852-9.

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