The enlarge/reduce spell states:

[...] If the target is a creature, everything it is wearing and carrying changes size with it. Any item dropped by an affected creature returns to normal size at once [...]

Reduce. [...] The target's weapons also shrink to match its new size. While these weapons are reduced, the target's attacks with them deal 1d4 less damage [...]

If the enlarge/reduce (choosing reduce) spell is cast on you, can you simply pick up a regular-sized weapon to avoid the 1d4 damage reduction? Alternatively, can the creature drop a reduced weapon, and then pick it back, removing the 1d4 damage reduction? In other words, what happens when a creature affected by enlarge/reduce picks up an item?

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The weapon remains normal size

Items picked up after the spell has been cast are not reduced. The weapon still has normal damage.

If you drop a Reduced item then it returns to normal size:

Any item dropped by an affected creature returns to normal size at once.

However be aware that Reduce makes you smaller: "This reduction decreases its size by one category--from Medium to Small, for example." So if you become small or smaller then a weapon with heavy property then it may not be an ideal: "Small creatures have disadvantage on attack rolls with heavy weapons"

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