I have a player who's playing as a Tortle (DND 5e) and weighs over 500 lbs. This combined with the ability for Tortles to hide in their shell led to some interesting crushing-related activities, and I had to homebrew rules on the fly. Two specific scenarios came up:

  • From a standing position, the Tortle falls prone onto a smaller creature (eg a goblin). In this case, (the goblin only had like 6 hp) I gave the goblin a dex save against being crushed (instakill) as there's no way any regular goblin could withstand 500 lbs.

  • From a ledge above a pinned enemy, the Tortle shelled up as it tipped over the edge and fell 30ft on top of the enemy. Again, I gave the enemy a dex save but this time I used the fall damage 3d6 as damage dealt and had the Tortle take half damage because they're shelled up and not impacting a hard surface directly.


  • Are there any rules for crush damage? Proven homebrew alternatives?

  • Are there rules for reducing fall damage by landing on someone else? Can the fall damage be transfered?



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