Early in a dangerous encounter we were able to save our bacon by trapping an Archmage with a Bead of Force, effectively removing him from the fight for 1 minute.

We managed to eliminate his allies several rounds later and then started to gather around the sphere that the Archmage was trapped in so that we could cut him to pieces as soon as the sphere disappeared. There were two rounds left before the sphere was gone.

DM decided to have him cast Time Stop and ruled that doing so would give him time to wait out the sphere and then cast Teleport in order to escape, all while we were frozen in time.

We all disagreed, saying that, because the passage of time is stopped for all but the Archmage, we and the sphere would proceed normally from our perspective and the Archmage would just have more time to write his last will and testament before the sphere disappeared and we dog piled him.

If water kept flowing, if sand dials kept pouring, if spheres of force marched closer to expiration, then time didn’t stop, did it? In that scenario, sentient life was frozen while time kept passing, and that’s not what the spell says. It’s Time Stop, not Life Freeze.

What do you think? Was the DM correct in his ruling, or should the Archmage have been ripped apart by ravenous adventurers?

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Time Stop stops time for the caster, not the world

The creature gets “1d4+1 turns in a row” but no one else’s turns happen in between them.

You were right, your DM was wrong. Of course, the lich doesn’t need this spell to get away: Readying Teleport to be cast the instant the force drops ought to do it.

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