Cast creation to make vegetables that last a day, then cast true polymorph to make a dwarf from the vegetables, does the Creature disappear after a day? It says that if you use the matter created by Creation as a component the spell fails but True Polymorph doesn't use the target as a component.

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It eventually disappears

Creation is a spell with a duration and anything it creates only exists for that duration.

True polymorph transforms its target, but it does not prevent its target from ceacing to exist. Hence, when the duration of creation ends, the created object ceases to exist and true polymorph looses its target.

Fortunatelly, there is no lack of nonmagical objects to target with true polymorph.

True polymorph and creation might be incompatible

True polymorph cannot target magical objects. Creation does not specify whether the object it creates is magical or not, but it is made of "whisps of shadow" and only exists for the duration, so it would be entirely reasonable (if not likely) for a DM to rule that the object is magical.


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