All dragons have some type of resistance or immunity against certain materials and energy types.(fire, acid, electricity, cold, steel, adamantine).

Can we kill a dragon with the related element as a drowning condition? They have lungs right? Lets say we want to kill a red dragon, can we make it drown in lava?


Dragons do need to breathe (note that black dragons have the ability water breathing, indicating that a dragon without it can't breathe under water and is subject to drowning rules), so anything that asphyxiates them will kill them, regardless of the element. A dragon's resistance to damage of certain elements doesn't save them from needing to breathe, just from being directly injured by that element.

How long a dragon can hold its breath would just use the normal drowning rules, so how long depends on a dragon's Constitution score. (But there's nothing to stop a DM from house-ruling that dragon physiology works differently in their game's setting, so caveat slayer.)


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