I am currently using a Druid in a campaign. I want to know what creatures, if any, there are that I can Polymorph or Wild Shape (5e Druid ability allowing druids to transform temporarily into Beasts) into that either give bonuses to Wisdom (Medicine) rolls/checks (like Medicine +3 for example) or that have advantage on Wisdom/ Wisdom (Medicine) rolls/check.

My character is a 6th level druid (Circle of the Land). I will soon have the Polymorph spell, but do not have True Polymorph or Shapechange

I will need to succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom (Medicine) check or one of my teammates will take quite a lot of Psychic damage when I attempt to remove the Control Gem of a Green Slaad. I want the best chance of rolling high enough.

My cantrips are: Druidcraft, Mending, Guidance, and Produce Flame (4 because of Circle of the Land).

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You're fresh out of Medical beasts

Both Wild Shape and polymorph are limited to Beast forms, which aren't typically assosciated with medical works.

In fact, you can search for creatures on D&D Beyond and filter for creatures which are proficient with Medicine. That list is humanoid heavy, including only three non-humanoids; sirens, yakfolk priests, and autumn eladrin none of which are beasts. I don't know of any creatures with non-proficiency bonuses to medicine, and would certainly not expect any Beasts to have it.

Your best bets are going to be use enchance ability to give yourself advantage on Wisdom checks. (Note that it does not work with your own guidance because they both require concentration.) Otherwise getting a Bard to inpire you, and any other skill increasing methods work (see this question for some ideas).

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