If I have Invisibility running and see a Pitbull, does it automatically fail to detect me, or do we still make opposed stealth/evasion rolls?

On the one hand, Invisibility says it "will allow the Netrunner to pass unnoticed through the Net." Plain reading: you're not detected. (Except by SeeYa, which specifically counters invisibility.)

On the other hand, that would mean that one of the least expensive (in cost and memory usage) programs moots all the defenses of any system not employing SeeYa. And why does Invisibility even need a strength, if not to pit against detection programs' strengths?


Netrunning section: Stealth and Evasion (page 152 core rulebook)

A program can attack anything that can see. The programs don't have front or rear side, so they can see you coming ever and in any direction.

These is where stealth and evasion come in. When you use a program of Stealth or Invisibility the oponnet must roll to see if can sense your presence

STR attack prog. + 1D10 vs STR. your program + 1D10

NOTE: Translated from spanish without the flavour text.

So its clearly and specifically noted that any program vs an Invisibility program any other program checks to notice your presence.

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