I'm trying to build a class in Pathfinder with the Bloodline Class Feature. I need to know, could I Enhance my claws with for EX: Flaming, even if they're natural weapons?

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Only if they are masterwork

To create a magic weapon from a mundane one, the weapon must first be of masterwork quality. Natural weapons generally are not of masterwork quality, and the quality of a weapon generally cannot be increased once the weapon is crafted. That said, you may be able to craft new claws (or other natural weapons) with an appropriate crafting skill, or potentially purchase or start with masterwork ones, depending on your GMs campaign (q.v. Can a monk's unarmed strikes be enchanted? , recalling that unarmed strikes are not natural weapons).

An Amulet of Mighty Fists is the usual method

An Amulet of Mighty Fists serves the same purpose for natural weapon users that purchasing magic armaments does for manufactured weapon users. Unless you are monk trying to double dip, there's little reason to upgrade the weapons themselves individually rather than the amulet which provides the enchantment to each natural weapon you possess for the same cost.

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Given that "Enhancement" is a pretty broad term covering all types of effects on natural weapons (claws in this instance) you may find some of these suitable.


There is Rending Claws, Eldritch Claws, Throat Slicer, and Feral Combat Training opens up a plethora of applicable feats.


Requires PC to have the spell on your class spell list.
Magic Fang (and Greater Magic Fang), Vine Strike, Bloody Claws, Angelic Aspect (just gives aligned status).


Requires PC be psionic.
Psionics Fist (and Greater Psionic Fist), Aligned Attack (just gives aligned status), Wounding Attack, and Unavoidable Strike.


I'm know I'm late but the Shifter has a natural weapon that Turns magical. And if I remember Magical weapons count as masterwork. So I'm just spitballing but I think you could enchant those.

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