We've got a party with a Celestial Mystic (Book of Exalted Deeds), and I was reading about his level 9 ability, which grants him DR 10/Unholy. Would this be different from DR/evil, as in it would only be breached by unholy weapons, and not attacks from evil outsiders?

I'm asking this because I haven't seen any monsters or anything that have things like DR/Unholy, Holy, Axiomatic, etc... it's usually just Good/Evil/Lawful/Chaotic. Has anyone seen any material throughout the books like this? My intuition tells me it's a typo and should be DR 10/evil, but the errata doesn't say anything about this.



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RAW would say that only weapons with the “unholy” ability would breach the damage reduction. While monsters do not have “unholy” attacks, their weapons and spells can, much like a monk can have a “holy” Ki strike, as compared to merely a “good” alignment for their fists.

And yes, I know I am answering a question that was previously closed and reposted, but I also know how long and frustrating that wait can be when an answer is wanted and someone is being nit-picky.

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