I'm a scout leader in Sweden and I'm preparing a murder mystery for my scouts. We prepare simulated tasks for them so that they gain more intel so that they can solve the mystery of the death of Dag Hammarskjöld. The war pilot who presumably shot Dag Hammarskjölds plane down recorded some words after he had done it, but the recording is lost, so I need someone to recreate it. These are the spoken words:

“I see a transport plane coming low,” “All the lights are on. I’m going to go down to make a run on it. Yes, it’s the Transair DC6. It’s the plane. I’ve hit it. There are flames. It’s going down. It’s crashing.”

The recording must be old-sounding and slightly diffuse (this takes place in the 60s). It is spoken in English, but it would be really nice with a belgian/flemish accent on it. French or german accents works too. Thank you!

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