The species hybrid—lupine has the special talent fangs that says

Once per round, the agent may declare he is making a bite attack against his opponent as a free action. This attack inflicts 1d4 standard damage and has a threat range of 20. When the agent uses makes [sic] a bite attack, all the agent’s attacks this round suffer a −2 penalty to the attack roll. (Dark Inheritance 98)

I can fill in some of the blanks here, like reading once per round as once per round on her initiative count and like an agent can only employ the bite attack against a target within the agent's reach. However, I am hung up on two things:

  1. For ability scores, class features and feats, is this bite attack an unarmed attack, a melee attack, or a new third path? For example, does the agent add her Strength modifier to the bite attack's attack roll and, if successful, the bite attack's damage roll?
  2. Is it legit for the agent to make all of her other attacks normally then take a free action to make her bite attack? (To be clear, unless the agent also has something like the feat Combat Instincts, this order of operations would typically make it so that she suffers that −2 penalty on attack rolls only with that bite attack.)

Note: Dark Inheritance (2004) is a licensed third-party campaign setting for classic Spycraft (2002).


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