This question concerns an encounter that occurs in Chapter 3 of Tomb of Annihilation:

In Chapter 3, the characters encounter vegepygmies in area 5, the "Great Rift". On the map of Omu, the marker ⑤ appears in the lake of lava. However, the encounter with the vegepygmies occurs on the cliffs above the lava lake. The text says:

"The first time the characters arrive, they encounter a small vegepygmy tribe preparing to sacrifice a grung to the rift."

The lip of the rift is over 1000 feet long. Is there any indication that the sacrifice is happening at a specific place on the lip of the great rift? Does the location of The Sacrifice of Fire impact anything else that happens in Omu?

Where exactly does this encounter take place?


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”The first time the characters arrive” they will arrive at a particular place.

That’s where it’s happening.

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